Your wedding day and how the preparations like hairstyles, hair grooming, styling and others must be handled carefully


You are about to enter into a time of your life that you have dreamt about for so long. Most imagine this to be a time for Romance, candles, flowers, and finding that Cinderella wedding dress. You are the Princess for the day and deservedly so. A bride gleams with joy as she looks forward to what is to be the happiest day of her life.

Your wedding is only a symbol. It is a celebration, a public recognition of what already exists in the silent places of your hearts. It is your marriage, yours to define, yours to make real and yours to live.

The romance unfortunately must be offset against a lot of planning, arguments and finances. The mission of this site therefore is to provide engaged couples, and other interested parties, with information, comments and links that will help save, not only your finances and sanity, but the romance as well

For example, male grooming tends to be a problem for men when approaching their wedding. Choosing the suit, styling a good hairstyle, having smooth skin, fitting in the suit itself, the groom becomes more and more anxious as the wedding approaches. From my experience, there are tidbits for the man’s grooming preparation that can easily be found online rather than having to go, for example, to a hairstylist or barber to get your hair in a style that you can be certain will be the the one for your “special day”. One of the men’s style topics that can be found online is men’s hairstyles, and you can check in this link for some cool hairstyles for men (the link is from the Men’s Hair Forum, a great forum to check for hair tips by the way), because you truly want to have a hairstyle that will look great in the day that will change your life. Styling hair can be done by oneself if you are a male whereas if you are a female, a hair stylist is a better option. However, if you are a man, you can go to the barber or even a hair salon the week before and get so hair styling tips to really get that extra kick out of your male hair. With regards to shaving, it certainly goes without saying that you should have a clean face! And just like hairstyles, shaving is a very easy “activity” to do than more than likely you dominate already. Now, for actual male dressing and male style, I seriously recommend you to go to a tailor and an image stylist!

On the following pages I will attempt to introduce what every couple should know about getting married. I will be providing information on the requirements of Marriage according to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but the advice is applicable to anyone. I have also included some articles I have written that may help you save your sanity at the same time.

The intent of this site is to help couples get through a wedding without killing each other, their family or their friends. Your comments are always welcome through email. Lastly, please do consider that we are trying to re-open the services so your patience is more than welcome :-)

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